Top 5 Best Korean Watch Brands You Can Invest In

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Are you trying to find the top Korean watch brands? The best Korean watches being produced now are from these five watch companies. Read on.

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Top 5 Best Korean Watch Brands

1. Dogfight (독파이트)

Since 1919, Dogfight has been a popular brand of watches in Korea.

This company sells military timepieces, particularly watches with a World War 2 theme.

A dogfight is when two aircraft engage in aerial combat. That’s why the company choose to utilize a combat plane as its emblem. They make a lot of chronographs featuring large, easy-to-read dials and bright hands and indexes.

The Pin-up Series, which the 1940s influenced, is one of their more attractive and well-liked series.

2. Romanson (로만손)

The watch firm has produced a variety of watch types with cutting-edge designs and top-notch craftsmanship since its founding in 1988. Romanshorn, Switzerland’s “mechanical city,” home to some of the best watch manufacturers in the world, is where the company’s name was derived.

With watches created in 1988 using Swiss tech and Japanese components, the Romanson label is definitely of a high caliber. It’s without a doubt one of Korea’s first watch companies.

The most recent Romanson clocks are luxury timepieces made of top-notch components. Almost all models of the Romanson watches feature scratch-resistant sapphire glass and a reliable Swiss mechanism. Romanson’s designs are cutting-edge, but they also offer timepieces with a more conventional look.

It is possible to attribute a significant portion of the business’ success to its dedication to developing its watchmaking technology. Romanson is the first business in the world to independently develop “cutting glass” inventions. This has boosted revenues in the Middle East, particularly in Dubai, by enabling the production of items with a fine-cut glass facade shaped diamond.

Your options for purchasing their timepieces on eBay range from $20 to $500. These watches are reliable and of great quality.

3. Harriot (해리엇)

Though the precise year of their beginning is unclear, they are believed to have begun around 2011. Due to its ownership by a sizable Korean company, Harriot is a fascinating brand. The company’s exact start date is unknown, but its major goal is to create watches with a vintage feel, primarily from the 1970s.

This was the first watchmaker in Korea to create a diving watch strap with 50 arms that can endure 500 meters of water pressure. Their watches typically cost roughly 150,000 Won (around $128). The business has operations in close to 100 nations and is growing exponentially.

Their products look beautiful and classic, but they still maintain most of the costs at a low level. Their watches frequently draw inspiration from Korean bridges, similar to their limited-edition Dobo series, influenced by the bridges between North and South Korean presidents.

4. Amy Eujeny (아미 에우제니)

In Korea, new products and cosmetics are more well-known than watches. But in 2012, the Korean company Amy Eujeny was founded to sell built timepieces. Amy Eujeny also possesses a magnificent collection of expensive watches.

The business takes pride in its dedication to quality, continuously improving its offerings, and giving its devoted customers consistently excellent service. Their watches are unique creations. Their watches are unique creations.

Each watch uses a mechanical mechanism that may either be manually wound or automatically wound. They provide a selection of distinctive skeleton timepieces. They advertise themselves as a top-tier luxury brand.

5. Foce (포체)

Initiated as a Foce watch to commemorate the tragic occurrence of October 10, 1997, the brand has since grown to encompass Foce digital and Foce jewelry. The first luxury watch brand in Korea to switch from fashion to watches is Foce.

Foce was established in 1997, making it a very new business. They concentrate on low-cost fashion timepieces, while they offer some more expensive models.

Foce has developed a line of watches that are motivated by Tottenham Hotspurs. It was developed with the assistance of the English football team. Unexpectedly, one of Korea’s most well-known football clubs is Tottenham Hotspur!

We may categorize Foce as one of the more affordable watch companies in South Korea because its watches often sell for from $17.99 to $161.25 on eBay. One thing to keep in mind is that their costs are considerably lower. They do not, however, sacrifice quality to reduce the cost of production.


These 6 Korean watch brands would be wonderful compliments to your watch collection if you weren’t already familiar with them. When a watch collector is seeking a new brand, they can choose from some stunning ones made in Korea. If you’re interested in buying any of them, let us know in the comments!

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