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In the fashion world, leather from animals such as alligators and crocodiles is always a favorite sign of wealth. They are an expensive material for purses, shoes, bags, and watch straps.

Even though you are a fashion lover, it’s hard for you to tell the different of alligator and crocodile watch strap. They are similar, but some small distinguishes still exist. We will show you now.

Different Of Alligator And Crocodile Watch Strap

Back Horns

Usually, the tailors and designers will remove the back horns or bumps before turning these expensive materials into a perfect product. If you can see their back horns, you can easily recognize the difference between alligator and crocodile watch straps.

The horns of two animals are around the neck with different patterns and quantities. While crocodile has two horns with two rows, alligator owns four horns instead. However, the Caiman – an alligator belonging has three rows.

When seeing a watch strap, you need to look closely to recognize the horn back cut. The next two factors will assist you in differentiating two types of material quickly. Let’s explore.

Umbilical Scars

Umbilical scars that happen to the belly leather are the most visible difference between both straps.

Alligator skin is covered with many rectangular tiles, forming a center that looks like a belly button. Thanks to this feature, designers love this leather area to create a distinctive highlight for their products. It is also trustful evidence of alligator leather authenticity when shopping.

Its competitor – the crocodile skin, also has this feature, but it does not happen to all crocodiles. The umbilical scars of this animal are not distinctive.

Tile Patterns

Patterns are also a big difference when looking for alligator and crocodile skin. If the former tend to have an uneven and unclear pattern, the latter owns an even shape that follows in rows and creates symmetrical patterns.

Additionally, there will be some hair on the crocodile skin which works as a radar to detect and sense the outer environment. Although that hair is removed in the product process, the pores still exist on the surface of your watch strap.

What Is Better For The Watch Strap: Alligator Or Crocodile Leather?

These leathers are shiny, beautiful, flexible, and incredibly durable. Additionally, they are water-proofing thanks to the characteristics of alligators and crocodiles who live under the water.

The softness, smoothness, and thickness determine the price of watch straps made from animal leather. Some say that alligator skin beats crocodile one in this aspect, but it’s difficult to recognize this tiny dissimilarity.

Although they share the same features, the ratings are different, leading to the difference in cost. The alligator leather watch strap is more pricey in the market than the crocodile one. Among them, the American alligator skin is the most luxurious material.

Generally, it’s hard to tell which one is better because they are quite similar. The biggest difference is the pattern and the talent of the products’ designers and tailors.


Although alligator and crocodile leather watch straps are expensive, the former usually charge higher due to their scarcity, quality, and beauty.

To assure you will not waste your money on the wrong products, you should know the different of alligator and crocodile watch strap. You can base it on the tile pattern, umbilical scars, back horn, and strength.
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