101 Guide About Omega Speedmaster Watch Straps

omega speedmaster leather watch straps


The Omega firm has a long and rich history, dating back to the nineteenth century. Today, it is considered one of the finest Swiss watch brands worldwide. 

Speedmaster is a legendary watch that has captivated the hearts of watch connoisseurs, collectors, and watches enthusiasts for decades.

This brand is known for its wide range of watch designs, but today we’ll focus on its iconic Speedmaster models. Read on to learn more about the 5 best leather watch straps for Omega Speedmaster and how they can help you improve your watch collection.

5 Best Leather Watch Strap For Omega Speedmaster

Canvas strap

A canvas strap adds a military touch to your Omega Speedmaster, especially in khaki and green. Its material is soft, very flexible, and high-quality cotton (90 percent) and viscose (10 percent). As a result, it gives the wristwatch strap flexibility and the necessary stability.

Canvas watch band can also be perfectly adjusted, even for large wrists, thanks to its ten adjustment holes. When exposed to water and sweat, leather doesn’t last as long as canvas, so we’ve decided to skip the leather layer inside the band.

Overall, this is one of the best Speedmaster straps out there, and it really helps pull the look together.

Suede strap

Do you like to dress in checkered shirts, jeans, and boots? Wearing a suede strap with an Omega Speedmaster is recommended.

It’s not only comfortable and soft, but it also has the ideal casual look. All leather watch bands are handcrafted in Italy from genuine Tuscany leather naturally tanned. All straps are handmade, so each one is unique. 

The addition of a suede strap to the Speedmaster collection has been a frequent request from enthusiasts. On the other hand, watches with suede bands will complement your watch’s style and last a long time.

Classic suede strap

The newly launched Omega Speedmaster classic suede strap perfectly complements your Speedmaster. Crafted from high-quality Italian leather, the wrist strap is comfortable and soft.

In addition, the thinness and suppleness of the leather make it perfect for wearing your watch during more formal occasions. Indeed, a telling detail is the stitching in matching color on the side of the strap; a detail that represents the care and attention that went into the production of this accessory.

Textured calfskin leather strap

Many people love the look of the first-generation leather bands but want a more modern, quality strap. Omega decided to make the perfect combination with this new Omega Speedmaster textured leather strap. 

By combining the look of an old-school leather strap with the quality of a newer design, Omega is giving its customers what they want. We consider it one of the best leather straps for the Omega Speedmaster Professional, with which you can perfectly complement your outfit, whether it’s a suit, jeans & a shirt.

Vintage leather strap

By adding a vintage leather strap can easily be transformed into a dress watch to match your shoes and belt.

Still, vintage leather straps are made of genuine leather, which means that it is a natural product and can easily be damaged. In addition, you can’t change the color of the leather when it gets old.

On the other hand, vintage leather straps are very rare and costly, so it’s always better to buy a vintage leather strap directly from a person selling his own watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Strap Size Of Omega Speedmaster?

There are currently 2 sizes available for the Omega Speedmaster: 

  • The Professional – 42 millimeters 
  • The Reduced – 39 millimeters

Both watches have silicon-based movements, powered by the Self-winding Mechanical Chronograph Caliber 1861.

How Do I Change The Strap On My Omega Speedmaster?

Pull each end of the bracelet away from the watch case using the spring bar tool, and then remove the old bracelet. Alternatively, you can remove the bracelet with a pair of tweezers. 

Place the new bracelet into position; make sure the ends of the bracelet snap into place. Replace the spring bars the same way you removed them, ensuring the two ends of each spring bar go into the correct opening in each link of the new bracelet.

Final Thoughts

Omega Speedmaster can be difficult to find in your average store, but it is so popular that you can find it on many websites such as Amazon or eBay.

Finally, this guide comes with various styles to choose from, so you can find the best leather watch strap for Omega Speedmaster. Ensure that straps are made from the finest materials. Shop now and find the perfect strap for your Omega Speedmaster.

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