Top 7 French Watch Brand List 2022 For Your Best Choice

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As the global demand for watches is increasing, more and more watch brands are launching their collection to cater to the needs of modern customers.

But, some top-notch French watch brands have ruled the market for many years. Below is a list of the top 7 French watch brand list to help you choose the best watch that suits your style.

french watch brand list

7 Best French Watch Brand List


Cartier is a renowned French jeweller famous for its luxury watches. The brand boasts the Mystery watch that changed the course of watchmaking by being the first to use open-worked dials and jewel-encrusted bracelets and earrings.

To meet client demand, they opened upscale boutiques like 25 Rue de la Paix in Paris to cater exclusively to wealthy customers who wanted bespoke jewellery and high fashion accessories. Despite its 175 years of popularity, Cartier ran into financial trouble in 1966 when an investment group took over ownership of the company.

However, Swiss retailer Richemont rescued the company in 1967! Though many know them best for their exquisite timepieces that are still much sought after today, it’s little known that Cartier began as a jewellery house before making pocket watches some 150 years ago.

L. Leroy

In 1785, Léonard Leroy was introduced by Charles Roy, a descendant of famous French watchmakers Julien Roy and his son.

The company made timepieces for the Navy of France starting from 1835 to the end of the 80s, making this brand considered the master of the sea.

They offer both a limited collection and an attainable, popular one. The Limited Collection from this brand comprises beautiful, luxurious pieces, mostly offered to connoisseurs, however, the Marine line is the more basic collection that includes clocks and chronometers.


Merci makes classic minimalist watches, and since they’re manufactured in France, you can rest assured that you get a quality product that will last a very long time. What’s even better is their affordability.

For anyone looking for an everyday watch with a timeless design that won’t cost them an arm and a leg, Merci is the right choice! As a gift, if you visit their website, you can customize your strap by choosing different color options to ensure it matches your style.

Michel Herbelin

1947, along with Hermes and Cartier, Michel Herbelin launched his prominent brand as a family business in Charquemont – the village located fairly close to Switzerland. Michel Herbelin, his wife, and his three children design classic watches for males and females.

You can tell by just a glance that Michel Herbelin relies on craftsmanship rather than flashy marketing gimmicks not to lose sight of its original value: creating elegant watches at affordable prices. The company operates out of their workshop in Franche-Comté, where they design all their top-quality watches by hand.


Dodane had been in business since 1857. It was started by Alphonse Dodane together with his father-in-law. They wanted to create watches for the French military, so they started producing them in Besançon, also known as the watch capital of France.

Dodane is a family business managed by generations of Dodanes Cédric. Dodane is a symbol of the luxury brand which uses old techniques and traditions to produce.


French watchmaker Henry Belmont was a diligent, top class graduate who introduced Yema in 1948. The company has a history of innovation and precision that led to the creation of high-quality watches distributed globally.

In 1963 Yema created Superman for any divers who required something extra special in deep waters. This quality level led pilots in the French Air Force to use it too.


Breguet was established on 1st January 1775 by Abraham Breguet, considered among the finest watchmaker geniuses in history. Five years after the brand was established, he introduced what we now refer to as the first generation of automatic watches.

This piece was acclaimed widely and soon became iconic, with even Napoleon Bonaparte wearing one! Acclaimed worldwide for its ingenuity, it didn’t take long before other royals began purchasing Breguets, too – including King George III of England, Queen Victoria, and Tsar Alexander I in Russia.


With spring and summer coming, many people like to wear a watch. We believe you’ve enjoyed our article about the top 7 French Watch Brand List. It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a brand, so hopefully, this list is helpful for you if you’re looking for a new watch. Cheer!

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