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The best leather omega moonwatch straps is manufactured from genuine leather. And most of them are crocodile skin with genuine textures, soft treatment, and 100% safety for the wearer’s skin.

These straps, with the advantage of being safe to use, have many fashionable and diverse designs. However, the average lifespan is only about 1-2 years, and cleaning needs more attention. The price for a genuine Omega leather strap is not cheap, but they are worth it.

8 Best Leather Watch Straps For Omega Moonwatch

Cow Leather Watch Bands

The cowhide has a soft and smooth material at a relatively high price. The pores are round, straight, and evenly distributed, along with the toughness, and durability. Moreover, with the best abrasion resistance of all major leathers, cowhide is the most used fashion item.

The cowhide watch band has good elasticity: When you press it in and release it, it will return to its original state quickly.
In addition, real cowhides will hardly lose their characteristic leather smell, so it still has a slight leather smell. More importantly, it has moisture to soften the skin so buyers can test it easily.

This genuine Omega MB009 cowhide leather strap comes in a black personality tone, dotted with regular yellow stitches. Of course, this strap is made from natural, full-grain cowhide, and most importantly, all production stages are completed by hand.

The inside of the genuine Omega watch band – MB009 is also equipped with a Zermatt pad that improves water resistance and sweat resistance and provides an extremely comfortable feeling for the wearer’s wrist.

Leather Nato Strap

Surely you will be very surprised with this watch strap taken from this “ocean killer” skin. The outer skin of the shark has a certain roughness, not as smooth as when you see it with the naked eye. If not, it is rough because it is covered with layers of small grooves and scales.

They are not as widely used as the strap above and are rarely seen in professional divers’ watches because of their good durability. In addition, shark skin is highly resistant to water and does not peel off when worn in water for a long time.
Shark leather watchband, custom-made by a specialized workshop to complement and showcase the character of the Omega moonwatch. The wrist circumference ranges from 14 to 24mm, and the breadth is 20mm.

Featuring a classic handcrafted design and is meticulously hand-stitched with French waxed linen for added durability.
The perfect thickness of 4.5mm at the padding and 2.5mm at the edge for a refined look when the user wears the watch on the hand. In addition, the cushion also helps you create comfort and a sense of luxury. The manufacturer also especially uses Zermatt ones for the lining, which is resistant to sweat, especially in the summer, and is hypoallergenic.

Vintage Leather Strap

Classic straps are simple leather straps because they don’t show any detail on the surface of the strap and are usually neutral colors like black and brown.

Perhaps that’s why this watch band shows sophistication and lightness but still exudes class value and becomes an elegant men’s watch on special occasions.

The “Moonwatch” would be a Chrono designed for space, yet it may also be incredibly elegant. With one Vintage band, you can transform into a formal watch that matches your belt and shoes that you’re using with your suit.

The antique band is neither too athletic nor too beautiful – it’s exactly right from Monday through Friday, after which you may explore the backyard with the fast on a NATO or Canvas Band.

Textured Calfskin

The Textured Calfskin one is the ideal complement to your Omega watch; the best hand-made natural veggie and Italian leather. It is a particular structure having white side stitches, giving your timepiece a casual yet beautiful appeal.

We believe it to be among the finest bands for your moon watch, with which you may completely complement your clothing, whether it’s jeans, a suit, or a shirt.

Genuine Alligator

Crocodile skin is considered one of the most valuable materials and is found in the fashion lines of most top brand products. It is said to be the “diamond” of leather.

Crocodile skin is considered thin, highly breathable, non-static, well-insulated with a fairly firm but tough scale, and not easily affected by the environment, so its durability for a very long time.

Crocodile skin is appreciated in part not only because of its quality but also because of the expensive scale pattern on the surface. Each crocodile has unique characteristics creating distinct, prominent, and sharp ridges.

The craftsman almost does not leave any part of the crocodile skin, and all are used to make fashion products with the wild beauty of this rare animal. The omega watch band is made of a genuine alligator, mixed on tone striping, a 5mm thickness, and a black rubber calf lining complete the look.

Morellato Derain Strap

The beautiful Morellato Derain one is available in three natural, earthy tones and is constructed around durability, comfort, and the unique rustic style ethos, with satisfyingly substantial, rounded cushioning and stitched border details in a genuine earthen brown shade.

This strap, half-remborded with extra water resistance, is a dependable workhorse that seamlessly combines its elegance and substance.

Classic Suede Strap

Suede material uses the inner surface of the suede to the outside. The characteristics of the suede line are very soft, luxurious color, and good water absorption. The more you use it, the more beautiful the vintage color becomes.

The outstanding feature of suede is its softness and softness compared to other kinds. Suede gives the watch bands a dusty, liberal look but does not lose its luxurious beauty. In watch straps, suede is easily designed to match many different styles.

Genuine Italian

Italian leather continues to be the manufacturer’s choice in creating the MB011 strap. With this high-quality material, the first impression of the string is very soft, possessing a glossy, natural beauty.

Besides, the regular sewing lines further enhance the luxurious and trendy beauty of the MB011 strap. It can be said that this will be a great choice for your Omega watch.

In addition to the preeminent features such as sweat resistance, water resistance, durability, etc., the MB011 band also gives customers flexibility when it can be used with both men’s watch versions and women’s product lines.


Along with the development of time machines, the strap sets are also paid special attention to by the watch manufacturer.
In addition to the appearance of many new strap styles such as fabric straps, rubber bands, etc., and the strong rise of metal straps, leather watch bands still maintain a firm footing in people’s hearts. We hope you can choose the best leather omega moonwatch strap for you after reading this post.