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Are alligator watch straps waterproof? If you’re curious about this question, our article will reveal the fullest answer and provide further information.

A strap is an important part of a watch, which helps customers hold the watch on their wrists. A watch strap should be elastic and durable as you put it on and take it off daily, making the strap break down or peel off quickly.

One of the most common materials in designing watch straps is alligator leather because it is smooth, soft, flexible, and durable. That’s why many people love using items made from crocodile leather.

Can watch straps made from alligator skin resist water? Let’s scroll down and read the full article!

Are Alligator Watch Straps Waterproof?

Unfortunately, an alligator strap is not waterproof but only water-resistant. Its main material, alligator leather, does not naturally resist water. The watch manufacturer uses a special tanning mixture to process the alligator skin, produce leather, and make it water-resistant.

Depending on the pricing ranges, the manufacturer can use contrast stitches with alligator leather to have a timeless and elegant appearance.

You might not know this, but high-end crocodile straps often have a higher water-resistant level due to their advanced process, such as using high-quality chemicals to make the animal skins last longer.

The water resistance will be lower for low and mid-range alligator straps, so you should not soak them too long in the water.

How Long Does Alligator Watch Straps Last?

Alligator leather is one of the most long-lasting and wonderful materials to produce leather items. You can keep your alligator straps durable for several years with appropriate maintenance. Moreover, when the strap does not soak too much water, it can last comfortably up to 5-6 years with simple care.

On the other hand, a crocodile strap will easily get damaged and lose its durability, flexibility, and good appearance if you ignore basic care instructions.


Are alligator watch straps waterproof? Alligator straps are water-resistant but not waterproof. You can wear alligator straps while swimming or walking in the rain, but it’s still damaged if you soak them in water for too long.

The more expensive the alligator straps, the better they can resist water. Therefore, if you want a durable strap (over 80% water-resistant) made from crocodile leather, you’ll need to purchase a high-end type.