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Some things in life always keep us on a budget. No matter how much we earn, we always have to limit ourselves from buying expensive items such as watches. But it is impossible to ignore the beauty of an Omega Seamaster watch. 

A good Omega watch is definitely a candidate for being one of the world’s best watches. If you are considering buying an Omega watch and want to get the most out of your money, here is a guide on the best leather watch strap for Omega Seamaster that you should know.

8 Best Leather Watch Strap For Omega Seamaster You Must Have

Classic Nato 

The classic version from NATO is a popular strap to go with the Speedmaster for Omega. This strap is easy to change and doesn’t require removing the bars. 

Omega goes with many different NATO straps, but you can get five classic WB Original NATO bands for the 1 strap price with an Omega buckle. This band quality stands at the premium level and matches the Omega Speedmaster.

Premium Nato 

NATO-Straps come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. But what sets this NATO-Strap apart from the classic NATO-Strap is the thinner width (1.2mm other than  1.4mm), and the finer weave. 

The premium strap touch is softer and more comfortable than the classic strap, and it doesn’t stand high on the wrist, giving premium feel. 


If you have an account on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that 3 million hashtags on Instagram are a big deal. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding WatchBandit. To celebrate, WRISTPORN™ has joined WatchBandit to have premium straps. 

These straps have WRISTPORN™ on the elements in stainless steel. Inside the buckle, there is a saying, “**** ’em if they can’t take joke”. This is a catchphrase meaning “go over it” or “who cares?” For those who do not know NATO straps, they are fabric straps that can be worn on watches and casual clothing. 

This is a great way to show your personality and get into the WRISTPORN™ spirit!


The Canvas Strap is a great way to change up the look of the Omega Speedmaster, giving it more of a military-style appearance, particularly in khaki. 

The Canvas watch strap can be adjusted perfectly with ten adjustment holes. Most of these straps have a leather layer inside for comfort; however, leather won’t last with the condition that a canvas when connected to water and sweat. Still, it would be best if you didn’t go diving in this case.


The WB Original Sailcloth Strap is lightweight and durable Cordura Nylon fabric. It is a little thicker than our Canvas Strap and has an inner layer of genuine black leather for added comfort. 

Because it is a little stiff in the beginning, we suggest giving it a gentle massage and wearing it for a bit before adjusting it to your perfect fit. The Sailcloth watch band has eight adjustment holes and a buckle made from 316L stainless steel with a brushed finish.

Classic Suede

The WB Original Classic Suede Strap is the perfect way to add a touch of refinement to your Speedy watch. The side stitching in strap color is a nice detail that sets this strap apart from other, more casual options. As with all WB Original straps, this one is handmade in Italy from genuine Tuscan leather. 

The strap brings out the best in your Speedy with a classy casual appearance. This strap looks and feels great with a smooth top layer and a soft, supple bottom layer. The leather is of a high quality, which makes the strap long-lasting and wearable. 

This option is made with leather dyed, polished, and treated by hand. It is a great way to finish your watch and create a unique look for your style, right?

Casual Suede

Omega Speedmaster watches are popular for being a timepiece that has been in space. They are also popular for their simple yet classic styling. Suede watch straps can complement your Omega Speedmaster beautifully, especially if you’re going for a more casual look.   

The total process is done by hand, so every strap is special. Wearing a suede strap will not only bring your watch in the best position, but it will also age well over time. Wearing a suede strap with an Omega Speedmaster will give off a more casual look, which is great for going to a store, bar, or food with friends.

Vintage Leather

The “Moonwatch” must be a timepiece designed for those who want to explore the great beyond, but it might also work as an elegant dress watch. With a strap, you can turn it into a watch that will match the belt and shoes perfectly. And when the weekend comes, you can discover the backyard with a speedy NATO or Canvas Strap.


The watch band is a very important component in the overall quality of your watch. It is a band that will wear out after a long time, so it is important to choose the best quality watch band you can find. 

If you have a great watch from Omega, we have taken the time to narrow down the selection of watch bands to the top 8 best leather watch strap for Omega Seamaster. Hopefully, this blog will help you find the best match for your watch so that you can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience with your watch.