Patina Cowhide Watch Strap For Panerai 22mm, 24mm, 26mm


  • 16-16mm
  • 17-16mm
  • 18-16mm
  • 18-18mm
  • 19-16mm
  • 19-18mm
  • 20-16mm
  • 20-18mm
  • 20-20mm
  • 21-20mm
  • 21-18mm
  • 22-22mm
  • 22-20mm
  • 22-18mm
  • 23/22mm
  • 23-20mm
  • 24-24mm
  • 24-22mm
  • 24-20mm
  • 26-26mm
  • 26-24mm
  • 26-22mm
  • L (125/75)
  • M (115/70)
  • S (105/65)
  • XL (130/80)
  • Flat
  • Padded

Additional information

Lug Width (Lug-Buckle)

16-16mm, 17-16mm, 18-16mm, 18-18mm, 19-16mm, 19-18mm, 20-16mm, 20-18mm, 20-20mm, 21-20mm, 21-18mm, 22-22mm, 22-20mm, 22-18mm, 23/22mm, 23-20mm, 24-24mm, 24-22mm, 24-20mm, 26-26mm, 26-24mm, 26-22mm

Size (Long End/Short End)

L (125/75), M (115/70), S (105/65), XL (130/80)


Flat, Padded


Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


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