Nubuck Gray Alligator Watch Strap


  • 16-16mm
  • 17-16mm
  • 18-16mm
  • 18-18mm
  • 19-16mm
  • 19-18mm
  • 20-16mm
  • 20-18mm
  • 20-20mm
  • 21-20mm
  • 21-18mm
  • 22-22mm
  • 22-20mm
  • 22-18mm
  • 23/22mm
  • 23-20mm
  • 24-24mm
  • 24-22mm
  • 24-20mm
  • 26-26mm
  • 26-24mm
  • 26-22mm
  • L (119/90)
  • L (120/120)
  • L (125/75)
  • M (115/115)
  • M (115/70)
  • M (115/85)
  • S (105/105)
  • S (105/65)
  • S (110/80)
  • XL (130/80)
  • Flat
  • Padded

Nubuck Gray Alligator Watch Strap

Kentostraps has customize thousands of genunine alligator watch band for Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Breguet & Fils, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Tissot, Hublot, IWC, Seiko, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Tag Heuer, and other famous watch brands. And all watch straps are entirely hand stiched and handmade.

No matter, what is your watch model, we can customize the best alligator watch strap that can mix and match. This process including, choosing color, matte or glossy finish, size and material.

High Quality Control Process

Our process is carefully controlled by team member from choosing leather material to delivery. Knowing that each stage in process makes a flawless and high-quality watch strap, Kentostrap just use high-quality alligator leather like France Alligator, Henglong Alligator…which brings a beautiful look for strap.

All the process is handmade and take care by the most skilled and more than 5 years of experiences.

This product was made using materials that were sourced in full compliance with the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Product Detail:

  • Material: High Quality Alligator Leather
  • Buckle: Normal buckle or Butterfly buckle ( if you want to use your deployment clasp, please let us know)
  • Padding: Usually we all add extra padding to keep the straps strong, but if you suggest otherwise, we will make them fit for your watch.
  • Spring Bars: Quick Release Watch Strap
  • Water-resistant: The leather line is water resistant, therefore you do not worry about body sweat. Furthermore, the watch line will be long-lasting due to its soft, flexible and resilient leather material.

Additional information

Lug Width (Lug-Buckle)

16-16mm, 17-16mm, 18-16mm, 18-18mm, 19-16mm, 19-18mm, 20-16mm, 20-18mm, 20-20mm, 21-20mm, 21-18mm, 22-22mm, 22-20mm, 22-18mm, 23/22mm, 23-20mm, 24-24mm, 24-22mm, 24-20mm, 26-26mm, 26-24mm, 26-22mm

Size (Long End/Short End)

L (119/90), L (120/120), L (125/75), M (115/115), M (115/70), M (115/85), S (105/105), S (105/65), S (110/80), XL (130/80)


Flat, Padded


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