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Changing the strap is the easiest way to change and renew your watch. However, which is the best choice for your timepiece among thousands of models and materials?

Moreover, each strap design and material is suitable not only for the preferences and nature of the work but also for different occasions. The question is, how do you choose the right model? Which strap material is best for watch?

Worry no more. Here is all about the article and anything related!

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Strap Material – 6 Most Common Types For Watch

Metal Watch Straps

Metal is not only a popular choice for watch bands but also bracelets or other jewellery.

You can find stainless steel bracelets, for example, in various designs. Even in the more expensive segment, you can find bracelets made from precious metals such as platinum, gold, silver, or white gold.

The polished metal finish designed in various styles and colors is the advantage of this material. They appear eye-catching and attractive.

Some good examples are engineer straps, oyster bracelets, jubilee bracelets, or mesh bracelet straps. Watch straps made from this material are suitable for occasions where you must dress to impress.

Leather Watch Straps

Leather is also one of the popular materials for watch straps. It is also popular for its variety in both types and designs. Most of them will not be diverse in colour because the real skin of animals is usually dark.

Standard straps will normally be made from cowhide or similar. But for those who love the unique or look for models in the high-end segment, crocodile or kangaroo skin are typical examples.

This is the right choice for both formal and casual occasions, but not for when you need to exercise a lot.

There are rally, casual or dress, bund and aviation leather, and more.


Commonly found in electronic, smart, and digital watches, the strap is made of rubber material.

Convenience and ease of use are the advantages of this cord, so it is flexible to suit many environments.

With water resistance, it is the ideal choice for diving, sports, and outdoor activities. It also comes in various colours, allowing you to choose the content to your liking.

However, many people do not like this material because it is hard, not breathable, and brittle. On some formal occasions, they also appear unimpressive and inappropriate.


A better option than a plain rubber watch band is silicone. It is flexible, soft, and comfortable while maintaining water resistance. Best of all, it comes in various colors and designs, some high-end ones even getting a very pleasant scent treatment.

This material is also suitable for summer, sports, and energetic people.


A comfortable, simple yet durable option is a nylon watch band. They come in many designs in many vibrant colors, but most are military-inspired ones. It is understandable because this is also the origin of this material.

Nylon straps are both strong and supple. This material includes NATO, Perlon, Zulu, or sailcloth straps.


Unlike nylon, canvas straps are made of natural materials, although today, there are canvas straps made of synthetic materials. In general, their design will be like nylon strings.

Canvas strap designs have sturdy, solid lines. This material will be suitable for adventures, mountain climbing, and outdoor activities with water and stain resistance.

Which Material Is Best For Watch Straps?

Deciding the winner is not easy because each type of material is suitable for different purposes.

Nylon watch straps are the best in terms of convenience, comfort, and durability. They are highly applicable and resistant to almost any type of environment.

Especially the NATO strap, one of the most common strap types for this material.

Because they are sturdy and practical, besides using them for field watches, some people also use these straps for diving watches. While most of them are not waterproof, these cords dry quickly, and once dry; they are still as good as new.

However, in terms of luxury for formal occasions, a metal strap will be a more suitable choice, especially a stainless steel strap. They also provide certain durability and resistance to corrosion.

With a variety of designs, they will easily impress and help you stand out on important occasions.

Besides, if you are looking for a strap that can suit both formal and casual occasions, we recommend a leather strap as the right choice.

They are usually dark in color and do not stand out too much but still bring a certain level of elegance and sophistication. They’re still polite enough and don’t stand out too much. This is the advantage of this material.

However, they are unsuitable for sports or forest trips, so you need to be aware of this!


Above are our recommendations and suggestions for which strap material is best for watch. However, it is also just a suggestion for your reference. You can choose according to your preferences, as long as you feel comfortable with your choice!