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As a person who wears watches often, it’s best for you to know the tips and tricks to fix the watches’ components when needed. In this article, let’s learn how to remove the quick-release spring bar, to understand its basics and steps!

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How To Remove Quick Release Spring Bar?

Step 1: Remove The Old Band

If you need to remove the strap from the watch, feel free to do so, as it may be easier for you to do the next steps. To get rid of a strap with quick-release spring bars, you will need to identify the lever’s position first, which is on the strap’s back side.

Pull the lever to the strap’s middle position, and take the strap out of the lug on the lever’s side.
Remove the other spring bar’s end from the lug to eliminate the watch strap.

Repeat the above procedure until both straps from two sides have been removed entirely.

Step 2: Slide The Spring Bar Into The Watch’s Lugs

Slip the spring bar’s end, which is on the opposite side of the fast release lever, into one side of the lugs.

Step 3: Align the spring bar with the lug’s hole

Tug the lever to the strap’s middle position while organizing the spring bar with the watch lug’s hole. Release the lever, and the bar should now be connected to the lugs.

Step 4: Repeat the above procedure for the other half strap

Repeat the same procedure for the other half so both halves can securely attach to the watch. You can test your installation by pulling the straps onto two opposite. If they don’t fall out, it means you have succeeded.

Here’s a video explaining this process for your better understanding:

How To Replace A Spring Bar With A Watch?

To install a new spring bar for your watch, the first step is to squeeze the ends by implementing the small indentation on your tools’ ends. Line it together with the spring bar’s ends, push it to the end and suppress it.

To fit it into the watch, drift the strap’s spring bar and put its end into the watch. For the other end, you need to place it as close as possible to the hole.

Take a spring bar tool, push it to the spring bar’s center and squeeze it. Maintain the pressure as you push it until you can put it with your fingers solely. Once it is done, you may hear a click sound.

To ensure the straps won’t come loose, double-check your installation by pulling the straps on to sides to ensure the straps and the spring bar are located firmly in their positions.


And that’s everything we can conclude about how to remove quick release spring bar on your watch. All you have to do is follow our simple instructions, and reconstructing your watch will now be easy.

Thank you for reading this article, and we will see you soon in the next article! Have fun fixing and building your lovely accessory!