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Nowadays, it is not difficult to accidentally buy a faux alligator watch strap which will be a loss for any buyer. Therefore, in this post, we will guide you on how to identify genuine alligator watch straps and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about alligator straps.

Is Genuine Alligator Watch Strap Or Faux Leather Alligator Watch Strap Better?

Some can say that a faux leather alligator watch strap is much better due to the price. However, watch straps made of alligator skin will be flexible since the texture is smooth, soft, and fairly stretchy.

In reality, you’ll wear and remove your watch frequently during the day. As a result, when the leather watch strap is fake, it will rapidly peel or break down, costing you even more on replacement.

How To Identify A Real Alligator Watch Strap In 5 Ways?

  1. With a few tricks, you can easily spot a real alligator’s skin as each alligator has a distinctive and characteristic pattern. As a result, there won’t be any products made from similarly tanned alligator leather, which is a beneficial attribute of alligator leather.
  2. Genuine alligator leather will be tough and uneven and have marks from when the alligators fight or have fun. These little imperfections like pores and scratches are still noticeable and distinctive, which will increase the value of the finished goods.
  3. Smell the watch strap to inspect for any typical odor, as a real alligator watch strap will have a pleasant smell rather than a synthetic resin smell.
  4. Unlike synthetic leather, real alligator leather has dark, splotchy, and dusky tones. When you look closer, you’ll see that the product is entirely monochromatic, a prized characteristic of alligator leather products.
  5. Put pressure on the item’s surface with your finger. Real leather has a great degree of toughness, so when pressed firmly, your finger will create a dent that will eventually disappear.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How Long Do Alligator Straps Last?

In response to the problem of how long alligator watch straps last, a well-preserved alligator watch band can last from two to three years, possibly longer with proper maintenance.

When you regularly wear the same straps during the day, the lifespan of other leather watch bands should be between six months and a year.

Can You Swim With An Alligator Strap?

No. The alligator leather is not naturally water-resistant, so you should not swim with an alligator watch strap to keep the product in good condition.


How can you tell the difference between genuine alligator watch straps and faux leather alligator watches? This post has given you some great tips and tricks to pick out genuine alligator watch straps to save yourself a great amount of money on your next purchase.