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2 Easy Steps to Find Your Strap Size.

Elephants Leather straps

Step 1: Determine your lug width and buckle width (A and B) If you don’t find lug width of your watch below, and feel difficulty to determine the luv width, please tell us: the brand name, and model of your watches, or simply the pictures of your watches, and we will help you figure out. […]

General knowledge of Crocodile Alligator – Short snout crocodile

In the process of learning about handmade leather, especially during the journey of KentoStraps to find materials to produce the most advanced handmade watch straps, KentoStraps was very fortunate to have synthesized some knowledge about Alligator crocodile. Let’s get started! CROCODILE ALLIGATORS IS?Referring to the Alligator crocodile we secretly understand that they are wild because […]