General knowledge of Crocodile Alligator – Short snout crocodile

In the process of learning about handmade leather, especially during the journey of KentoStraps to find materials to produce the most advanced handmade watch straps, KentoStraps was very fortunate to have synthesized some knowledge about Alligator crocodile. Let’s get started!

Referring to the Alligator crocodile we secretly understand that they are wild because they are not kept in camp. Currently there are 2 species of alligator crocodile: the American alligator (area from Texas to North Carolina, United States) – American alligator (A. mississippiensis) and Chinese alligator (Eastern China) – Chinese alligator (A . sinensis). There are also a number of species now extinct long ago, crocodiles generally appeared first in the Oligocene epoch about 37 million years ago.

American Alligator (upper) and Chinese Alligator (bottom)


In appearance, the Alligator crocodile has the following characteristics:
1. The body is long, rectangular in shape; tail, throat, and broad muzzle (snout: U-shaped, rounded nose part (like a shovel))
2. Scales in the middle of the abdomen have a slightly rounded square, flakes on the small flanks and close
3. The Alligator’s navel scar is in the middle of the noticeable rectangular scales, which look like a long spider’s nest.
4. Alligator’s horn has 2 rows, each row has 2 horns
5. Crocodile skin sizes average about 20-30cm, up to 38-40cm maximum but very rare
6. The average width of a wild alligator skin is 45-49cm, even up to 90 cm

The weight and length of an American Alligator crocodile an average of 360kg and about 4m long, but sometimes they are longer than 4m and weigh up to 450kg.

The largest recorded crocodile found in Louisiana has a length of up to 5.84m The weight and length of Chinese Alligator crocodiles is smaller, rarely surpassing 2.1m. Weight for the little ones found less than 45kg.

In terms of life expectancy, there are no statistics, the adult alligator is olive brown or black with a white underside. Juveniles are white or yellow.

Because of such a wide variety of features, American Alligator crocodile skin is always more expensive than Chinese Alligator.

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Alligators live in fresh water environments, such as ponds, marshes, rivers, lakes … as well as in brackish water. They are considered an important species to maintain biodiversity in wetlands.

Chinese crocodiles are currently only found in the Yangtze river valley and some neighboring provinces and are in extremely endangered situation, only a few dozen individuals are thought to be left in the wild. Indeed, many Chinese crocodiles living in zoos around the world are more visible in the natural environment.

In addition to the Alligator crocodile, we often confuse with another crocodile that is Crocodile, with this mistake Hoa Sa has an article about the distinction between these two crocodile genera, you can See more in the link below:

Alligator Florida Florida – USA

The above is a summary of some knowledge about alligator crocodile genus so that you can know the characteristics, living areas, as well as characteristics and classifications.

The above information is only a small piece of information about crocodiles in general, there is a lot of knowledge that Hoa Sa always wants to share with you in the next articles. All suggestions and corrections of knowledge invite you to contribute directly to us.

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