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A splendid watch may even be more desirable than a car. “No luxurious watch deserve a mediocre band.”

Understanding that the band plays a pivotal role in order to create the elegance and class of a watch, the most skilled craftsmen at Kento Straps have devoted all of their meticulousness to create sophisticated and detailed watch band designs.



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All their straps are awesome value propositions. Given how they knocked all three of their current strap offerings out of the park, I can’t wait to see what Kento Straps offer next!.”

Dong Park


In my time with Watch Strap Review, I’ve had my fair share of straps, and I have to say, Kento Straps work is top-notch. The looks are there; the traditional techniques grant us quality, and the price

Stevenson Yip


If I were in the market for a top-shelf strap made from the leathers listed in this review, I would head straight to Kento Straps without hesitation…I have not come across anyone who does it bette …”